How can you get Involved?


Any thoughts on Indian culture (not necessarily restricted to mahabharata), less known stories, trivia, your observations as someone of Indian origin growing up in a western country, etc. If you can write it as an article, I can post it.

Effort Estimate: An hour per article. Maybe once a month.

I am creating the Mahabharata as a comic book on the iPad. It’s available HERE. This needs more downloads and reviews online. Sharing and spreading it and encouraging people to download it.

I create new material about once a week. This could be a new audio chapter, new video, new blog entry, new comic book release, etc. It needs to be shared in many circles (FB groups, FB walls, tweets, etc.).
I can send it to you with the link and an apt message about the post. Sharing them to as many people as possible will help.

Effort Estimate: 15-20 minutes of sharing to multiple channels. Maybe once in 2 weeks.

I am creating the comic book audio in many languages. I need help translating into other languages (Taml, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Sanskrit). If u can help or know of anyone who can I will send over the English Script of each chapter.
Also looking for children who can narrate in those languages. Probably kids in the age group of 12-17. I am trying to get as many people involved in the creation of the material also. I can walk those who are interested through through the process of narrating and recording the audio (can be done on your smartphone).

Effort Estimate: At 5 minutes per sentence, probably 2 hours to translate each chapter and an hour to record. This can be split between multiple people.

I plan to create a curriculum with audio, video and text for children to learn the mahabharata in 30 days. My book and comic book will serve as the reading material, but there is work needed around creating it as a 30 day course that will include quizes, feedback mechanism, reviews and participation avenues for the children.
Work involved is to create and organize course material. This is a brainstorming effort first and then a course development. The goal I’ve set to get the course ready is Jan 2015.

Effort Estimate: Brainstorm some ideas offline (via email) and attend a couple of calls in the coming months.

I plan to bring out a monthly newsletter that will contain information, stories and messages from the Mahabharata first and other epics as well subsequently. This is a brainstorming effort to develop ideas and a plan.

Effort Estimate: Brainstorm some ideas offline (via email) and attend a couple of calls for a few months.

I do live story telling sessions in many cities across the US. I would like to contact more organizations and set up schedules. Right now it is random . I tell a few stories and that’s the end of it. But unless there is a consistent engagement mechanism with each of the centers I visit, the kids will soon forget that such a thing happened.

Spread the word, contact more organizations and arrange story telling sessions.

Nothing comes free. Consistent contribution to this cause will help it a long way. For example, $200 a month would pave way for targeted online marketing.  $200 a month would enable the newsletter to be started. $300 a month would help travel to a new city and address children.

Creating campaigns., find raising ideas, etc. will also help.

All the above effort takes coordination. It means taking notes, keeping track of emails, maintaining excel, accounting, follow ups, etc. Basic project management and coordination work. Someone who can donate their time and take ownership of these activities and provide weekly reports.

Effort Estimate: About 2 hours a week.

Any other ideas to help spread our culture and epics are welcome.



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