Welcome to the 21st Century Mahabharata blog.

I am a Mahabharata Story Teller (and a Sanskrit Student at SamskritaBharati).

I have written and published Books, Comic Books and Audio Books.

The goal is three fold. 
1. To instill the ideology of learning life through epic stories to our children.
2. To motivate parents to take up teaching Indian epics to our children in a deliberate, consistent and persistent manner.
3. To emphasize the importance of Samskritam as the linking factor between our daily lives and our ancient culture.

I live in Buffalo, NY and tour places telling Mahabharata Stories in a contemporary fashion.

I volunteer to come to your local organization and address children as well as parents and talk about Mahabharata and it’s relevance as a life teacher even in our Mad-Rush, Social Media driven life.



YouTube Channel (subscribe to get notification of new videos)

Why should we learn the Mahabharata (10 Minutes)

NRI and Mahabharat – Mylapore, Chennai – 7 Minutes

Why Should We Learn Samskritam, MIT, Boston, MA – 5 Minutes


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